Summary:ASTERISK-14404: [patch] app_voicemail hangup trying to play vm-helpexit-full file because doesn't exists
Reporter:Giuseppe Sucameli (brushtyler)Labels:
Date Opened:2009-06-30 11:57:19Date Closed:2009-07-13 11:26:14
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) app_voicemail.c.diff
Description:app_voicemail exited trying to play vm-helpexit-full file because doesn't exists.

To reproduce this bug, you should have almost one message in your voicemail:
1. press 1 to play the first message
2. after message, play * to play the help message


   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-onefor-full.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-INBOX.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-messages.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-opts-full.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-repeat.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-delete.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-toforward.gsm' (language 'en')
   -- <Console/dsp> Playing 'vm-savemessage.gsm' (language 'en')
[Jun 30 18:46:58] WARNING[11102]: file.c:641 ast_openstream_full: File vm-helpexit-full does not exist in any format
[Jun 30 18:46:58] WARNING[11102]: file.c:924 ast_streamfile: Unable to open vm-helpexit-full (format 0x40 (slin)): No such file or directory
 == Spawn extension (test, 200, 1) exited non-zero on 'Console/dsp'
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Comments:By: Sean Bright (seanbright) 2009-06-30 13:05:08

Have you upgraded to the latest release of the sound files?

By: Giuseppe Sucameli (brushtyler) 2009-06-30 15:11:57

Yes, I use the sound package 1.4.15. I've also tried downloading asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-current.tar.gz from http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/sounds/ but it doesn't contein 'vm-helpexit-full' or simil. I've looked in the other current sound packages too (wav, law, g722, g729, siren7, siren14, sln16, ulaw), but nothing.

By: Digium Subversion (svnbot) 2009-07-13 11:26:14

Repository: asterisk
Revision: 206185

U   trunk/apps/app_voicemail.c

r206185 | tilghman | 2009-07-13 11:23:07 -0500 (Mon, 13 Jul 2009) | 6 lines

Remove reference to non-existent help file
(closes issue ASTERISK-14404)
Reported by: brushtyler
      app_voicemail.c.diff uploaded by brushtyler (license 821)