Summary:ASTERISK-14010: Asterisk causes kernel panic while outound calling
Reporter:Alexander Vihlyaev (mvas78)Labels:
Date Opened:2009-04-23 15:01:38Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:07:23
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Description:While making outbound call some time all good, nice audio quality, delay about 0,8-1s. After about ~60s (less or more) appear some audio losses, and finally after some seconds asterisk hangs & causes linux kernel panic.
last messages:
Mobile/Sv78-87cf answered SIP/sv-09f1ec00
   -- Bluetooth Device Sv78 has disconnected, reason (103).

Message from syslogd@debian at Thu Apr 23 15:34:21 2009 ...
debian kernel: [ 6483.452531] ------------[ cut here ]------------

Message from syslogd@debian at Thu Apr 23 15:34:21 2009 ...
debian kernel: [ 6483.452570] invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP

Bug appear 2 times for 2 days, after 1-2 minutes of calling (because i can try only 1 time per day - linux box hangs untill reset).


Probed asterisk / addons trunk version (commited 22.04.09) and asterisk with asterisk-addons

uname -a
Linux debian 2.6.26-1-686 #1 SMP Sat Jan 10 18:29:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux

Bluetooth stack - from Debian/Lenny repository.
- bluetooth - 3.36-3
- bluetooth-dev, libbluetooth2 - 3.36-1
Comments:By: Matthew Nicholson (mnicholson) 2009-04-23 15:58:18

Is this bug the same in addons trunk as it is in addons 1.6.1?

By: Alexander Vihlyaev (mvas78) 2009-04-23 16:16:37

the same.
dongle - CSR
phone - nokia 6120c

By: Alexander Vihlyaev (mvas78) 2009-04-24 12:06:42

This bug appears when sip client (SJ Phone 1.65) connected to Asterisk server located in LAN trought VPN tunnel ower WAN. I trying to reproduce this bug using the same client directly in LAN, but it's disappear.

By: Matthew Nicholson (mnicholson) 2009-04-24 14:15:44

Hmm.  Can you test with bluez 4.36 or bluez 4.37 and see if you experience the same crash?

By: Alexander Vihlyaev (mvas78) 2009-04-28 12:57:39

Testing with bluez 4.37 on Trunk (883). The same bug (hangs), but no message from syslog@debian this time.

Last messages (over SSL):
-- Called Sv78/80968295505
   -- Mobile/Sv78-2e47 is ringing
   -- Mobile/Sv78-2e47 is ringing
   -- Mobile/Sv78-2e47 answered SIP/1503-097d7650
   -- Bluetooth Device Sv78 has disconnected.
 == Spawn extension (sip-office, 980968295505, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/1503-097d7650'

It was firt try, first call, call duration about 3 seconds and fault.

When using Asterisk / chan_mobile via SIP Router located in LAN all good.

And one more. I start Asterisk in SSH session (not daemonise), on the same client where softphone runs. Maybe it's causes some collisions.

By: Matthew Nicholson (mnicholson) 2009-05-05 16:56:49

I believe that I have experienced some of these myself, but I don't see how asterisk could be causing kernel panics.  I suspect this is a kernel bug.

By: David Woolley (davidw) 2009-05-06 06:25:51

I'd agree.  The only sort of kernel panic that Asterisk itself could ever trigger is a resource depletion one.  Dahdi, as it involves kernel device drivers, could do, but doesn't seem to be involved here.

An invalid opcode panic has to be a kernel, or device driver, bug or hardware fault.

Note, for full panic messages, you probably need to look at the physical console.  I'd expect the full message to give some indication of which piece of code caused the fault.

By: David Woolley (davidw) 2009-05-07 05:49:29

You've lost some key information from the traceback, but I would say that was a problem with core networking code in Linux, possibly related to needing to swap out.  I can't see any way that it is valid to report it here.

By: Alexander Vihlyaev (mvas78) 2009-05-07 07:43:12

I agree. I reinstall linux - now all good. It was my bug :-) Sorry.