Summary:ASTERISK-13650: [patch] meetme - conference stays active even if marked user exits
Reporter:Ezio Boscani (eboscani)Labels:
Date Opened:2009-02-25 09:02:14.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:03:26
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) app_meetme_cont_if_marked_exits.diff.txt
( 1) app_meetme_cont_if_marked_exits.diff2.txt
Description:If the last marked user leaves the conference, the conference room continues to work instead of kick out or making normal users hear music on hold.
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2009-02-25 09:29:11.000-0600

Please attach your patch as a unified diff. Thanks.

By: Ezio Boscani (eboscani) 2009-02-25 10:00:16.000-0600

the diff2.txt file is the unified diff patch, as requested.

By: David Vossel (dvossel) 2009-02-26 15:54:01.000-0600

How are you reproducing this bug in 1.4?  I can reproduce it in Trunk, but not in 1.4.  Your patch can't be applied to trunk as it is.

By: Ezio Boscani (eboscani) 2009-02-26 16:07:58.000-0600

Maybe I've mistaken the compilation of the form (sorry for the mistake).

Patch is applicable to sources of app_meetme.c of official 1.4.23 release.

It's not a bug, it's a new feature that I've been asked to implement because, for example, a conference is set up and all invited partecipants enter and wait for marked user to enter.
The marked user could be a mobile phone user and, after he has entered the conference and started to talk, if his phone call drops, the other partecipants in the conference can continue to talk untile marked user re-enters.

I hope to have explained better.

By: Ezio Boscani (eboscani) 2009-02-27 03:53:22.000-0600

I've just realized I've done a big mistake in submitting the feature and apologize for this.

The release of asterisk where I've applied the patch to app_meetme.c is the 1.4.22 ... The problem when you have a machine with the service online and a machine where you test the new release.

By: David Vossel (dvossel) 2009-03-02 09:57:08.000-0600

turning the x option on and off in meet_me does this.