Summary:ASTERISK-13248: realtime queue doesn't update strategy value
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Date Opened:2008-12-19 09:35:24.000-0600Date Closed:2008-12-23 12:53:54.000-0600
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 I'm using realtime queues. But if I make changes in database (changing strategy from ringall to random and so on...), asterisk doesn't update this value. Using CLI command 'queue show q19' , it shows old value. After asterisk restart - it takes new value. Also CLI command 'module reload app_queue.so' didn't help too.
 Maybe there are other ways to do this... ?

Comments:By: TOC Jason (toc) 2008-12-20 08:24:02.000-0600

You would need to reload the realtime values, this is expected behaviour, as the databsae is NOT read each call, or each update made.

To update asterisk after updating the database:
realtime load <family> <column to match on> <value to match to>

You may wish to try:
queue reload rules

Which is designed to reload the queue rules - there doesn't appear to be a 'reload' for queue settings (which should be static anyway).

By: Giedrius (voipas) 2008-12-21 11:15:56.000-0600

It doesn't help me. So at the begining configuration was 'ringall':
queue show 18
18           has 0 calls (max unlimited) in 'ringall' strategy (17s holdtime), W:0, C:6, A:3, SL:0.0% within 0s

In the database I've changed to 'random':
realtime load queues name 18
                  Column Name  Column Value
         --------------------  --------------------
                         name  18
                  musiconhold  default
                      context  cc-out
                      timeout  60
                 monitor_type  mixmonitor
               queue_thankyou  queue-thankyou
                        retry  5
                   wrapuptime  0
                       maxlen  0
                     strategy  random
                    joinempty  yes
               leavewhenempty  no
            eventmemberstatus  0
              eventwhencalled  0
               reportholdtime  0
               timeoutrestart  0
  periodic_announce_frequency  5
                    ringinuse  0
              setinterfacevar  1
             setqueueentryvar  1
                  setqueuevar  1

So I've made a call to this queue, but it still uses 'ringall' strategy:
queue show 18
18           has 0 calls (max unlimited) in 'ringall' strategy (17s holdtime), W:0, C:6, A:4, SL:0.0% within 0s

My queues.conf file:

persistentmembers = no
keepstats = yes
autofill = yes
monitor-type = MixMonitor

I hope, this can help you.

So what should I do?  

By: Mark Michelson (mmichelson) 2008-12-23 12:53:54.000-0600

I am closing this issue because it is a duplicate of issue ASTERISK-13179. If the fix on that issue does not fix your problem, then you may feel free to re-open this issue.