Summary:ASTERISK-12889: CallerID not sent to SIP stations in SLA
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Date Opened:2008-10-14 10:37:26Date Closed:2008-10-14 10:43:06
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) fail_callID_inSLA.txt
Description:Dialplan setup for simple SLA.
SLA works as should, except that when SIP station rings - no callerid is presented.
When an inbound call from another zap channel goes to a nonSLA SIP station the callerid is presented properly.
My example debug code:
CID is being received by zap/chan3
CID is present inside meetme subroutine sla_ring_station() (added debugging code there)
cid_name is being properly set inside sla_ring_station().
I am unable to trace this any farther. Please see attached console output.


this also occurs in the trunk version
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2008-10-14 10:42:53

This is a known and documented limitation.  If you look in sla.conf.sample, you'll see the "attemptcallerid" option.  If you turn this on, you'll get some basic CallerID support.  However, full callerid support can not be added until we have the ability to update callerid for a call that is already up.  We'll be able to do that once issue ASTERISK-8584 is taken care of.