Summary:ASTERISK-12281: [patch] Segfault at make_email_file
Reporter:JonBFS (bfsworks)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-06-30 09:06:09Date Closed:2008-07-07 18:54:09
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Description:Confirmed segfault when voicemail box is configured to send email. Using CentOS recently updated and Asterisk 1.4.21. Have core dump for now but need to recompile with optimizations disabled.


Segfaults like clock work every time make_email_file is called.
Comments:By: Mark Michelson (mmichelson) 2008-06-30 10:23:55

Be sure to add a note here when you upload the unoptimized backtrace. Thanks!

By: JonBFS (bfsworks) 2008-07-01 07:56:31

Could not get a recompile done last night will try again tonight.

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-07-01 08:11:13

Patch uploaded.  Please test.

By: JonBFS (bfsworks) 2008-07-06 13:08:26

Patched awaiting tests to confirm fix. Code looks good and can see why the problem was occurring. As soon as I have tested throughly will post results. Thanks for the quick patch.

By: deti (deti) 2008-07-07 08:07:40

Patch works for me!

By: Digium Subversion (svnbot) 2008-07-07 18:54:04

Repository: asterisk
Revision: 128856

U   branches/1.4/apps/app_voicemail.c

r128856 | tilghman | 2008-07-07 18:54:03 -0500 (Mon, 07 Jul 2008) | 7 lines

Check for non-NULL before stripping characters.
(closes issue ASTERISK-12281)
Reported by: bfsworks
      20080701__bug12954.diff.txt uploaded by Corydon76 (license 14)
Tested by: deti