Summary:ASTERISK-12235: DTMF not reproduced towards ZAP T1 Port after connection when arrives as SIP
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Date Opened:2008-06-19 15:43:33Date Closed:2008-06-25 17:54:43
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Description:I place SIP->ZAP (TE410P). I use e&M signalling toward ZAP.
I can hear the asterisk placing the dtmfs properly toward ZAP.
Call connects, any furthur DTMF pressed digits from SIP is very short sounding on the ZAP and ignored.  ZAP to ZAP connection are perfect

I'm using:
* Asterisk Source Version  : 1.4.21
* Zaptel Source Version    : 1.4.11
* Libpri Source Version    : 1.4.4
* Addons Source Version    : 1.4.7
Comments:By: Bart Fisher (bhfisher) 2008-06-19 16:13:31

I've added logs to show problem - here I only press '*' several times

By: Bart Fisher (bhfisher) 2008-06-21 10:23:45

Just so you know, with 1.2 this is not an issue and this issue is keeping me from moving to 1.4.

I have a test system setup with a SIP DID to a test IVR system to demonstrate this problem. I can provide full access to these systems for testing.


By: Bart Fisher (bhfisher) 2008-06-22 10:53:22

Please close this as I beleive I have enter the wrong info since it hasn't been noticed by anyone yet - See instead http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=12913