Summary:ASTERISK-12141: Make all SQLite-related modules use Sqlite3
Reporter:Steven Sokol (ssokol)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-06-04 17:03:56Date Closed:2008-06-04 17:07:02
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Description:For general consideration: if Asterisk is going to include SQLite support, shouldn't all the modules use the same version of SQLite?  We currently have:

cdr_sqlite.c = SQLite v.2
cdr_sqlite3_custom.c = SQLite v.3
res_config_sqlite.c = SQLite v.2

A brief googling of sqlite seems to indicate that SQLite3 is much better behaved than SQLite2 -- better locking mechanism, better handling of multi-threaded environments, etc.

Would it be permissible to create a "res_sqlite.c" that provides:

Realtime configuration driver
func_odbc-style queries (read and write)

Perhaps even more esoteric stuff like voicemail storage, AstDB replacement, queue log storage, and access via CLI and manager commands?

Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2008-06-04 17:07:01

If someone writes the code, sure.  However, I don't think we should remove the sqlite2 versions if we have sqlite3.  People wrote them against sqlite2 because that is what they wanted for their environment.

If you want to talk about this stuff any further, let's do it on the -dev list.  We try to strongly discourage the use of this site as a discussion forum.