Summary:ASTERISK-12101: [branch] RT should adapt to existing columns on updates
Reporter:Tilghman Lesher (tilghman)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-05-28 16:13:48Date Closed:2008-06-10 11:24:15
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This branch does a number of things that will make adding new columns that get updated by the database less trouble.

1. It registers columns that get keyed off of and updated from a module through the realtime interface.  The RT engine then looks at the table layout and ensures that each column exists and is of the proper type to receive the data necessary.  If the column does not exist, then the engine may either warn the user or, optionally, create the column automatically.

2. At update time, if a column to be updated does not exist, then the RT engine will drop the column from the query, rather than what it does currently, which is to execute a query with unknown columns, which causes the entire update to fail.

3. Certain modules, such as voicemail, can check, for example, if a password column is long enough to receive a password and warn the user if a password truncation might otherwise result.  This should help administrators a great deal in the future.