Summary:ASTERISK-11983: Asterisk lock
Reporter:Phillip Smith (phillip)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-05-07 02:30:26Date Closed:2008-05-13 14:51:31
Versions:Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) lock_info
Description:Attached is the lock info.. We get this issue at random intervals.
Comments:By: Mark Michelson (mmichelson) 2008-05-12 12:25:06

While I'm not 100% sure at this moment, I think this may be the same issue seen in ASTERISK-11973. Do you see any CLI errors when the deadlock occurs?

By: Phillip Smith (phillip) 2008-05-13 09:16:08

hi putnopvut, yes it looks like the same issue, you are more than welcome to close this ticket and i'll continue to add notes on 0012584

Thank you

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2008-05-13 14:51:27

Closed as this is a duplicate of 12584. Please follow progress there.