Summary:ASTERISK-11919: res_ldap (or chan_sip?) produces SegFault
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Date Opened:2008-04-25 06:25:14Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:00:25
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) debug_1.6.0beta8.txt
( 1) debug.txt
( 2) lupox_backtrace.txt
( 3) lupox_extconfig.conf
( 4) lupox_ldap.ldif
( 5) lupox_res_ldap.conf

I've got a Problem with res_config_ldap. :-(

I configured extconfig.conf and  res_ldap.conf for my LDAP Database and when I try to authenticate the Phone, Asterisk crashed with a segfault.

I'm not sure if res_config_ldap causes the seg fault, because the last Message looks like chan_sip:

Asterisk Ready.
 == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/cli.conf':   == Found
*CLI> [Apr 25 12:23:42] NOTICE[14301]: chan_sip.c:19867 build_peer: The 'username' field for sip peers has been deprecated in favor of the term 'defaultuser'
   -- Registered SIP 'alehmann' at port 2048 expires 3600
      > Saved useragent "snom360/7.1.30" for peer alehmann
Segmentation fault

My settings are very small and only for testing the LDAP Connect. Maybe the Problem is, that something missing??

What I've done:

- Testing 1.6.0 Branch
- Testing cvs Branc
- Testing 1.6.0-beta8
- Testing with Snom-360 Phone and Kphone
- Testing on Gentoo and Debian 4.0 (both AMD64)

When I try to authenticate with a wrong Password, the Message says "wrong Password", the SegFault only occured with the right Password.

Any Help would be great



basedn=dc=fsd,dc=li                     ; Base DN
user=cn=admin,dc=fsd,dc=li                           ; Bind DN
pass=brumm                     ; Bind password


context => internal

(I've changed the md5secret because Bug 0012163 looks good, but the same Problem)


sipusers => ldap,"dc=fsd,dc=li",sip1
sippeers => ldap,"dc=fsd,dc=li",sip1

Comments:By: snuffy (snuffy) 2008-04-25 06:27:45

can you please compile with 'dont optimise' and follow the steps under 'doc/backtrace.txt' and attach those files here

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-25 07:03:50

I think this Problem is a duplicate of Bug 0012163. :-( Sorry for that.

If I change md5secret to carLicense ;-) the Phone can register. :-)

Now, the message is:

[Apr 25 13:09:55] ERROR[28219]: res_config_ldap.c:1289 update_ldap: Couldn't modify dn:uid=alehmann,ou=mitarbeiter,ou=people,dc=fsd,dc=li because Undefined attribute type

But, this is another Problem.

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-25 07:10:49

I have added the Output from gdb, maybe it helps.

Is the Bug 0012163 solved in 1.6.0 Branch?

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-04-25 08:42:13

Have you tried upgrading to beta8 yet? (I don't see how you could be running the version in the bug report, as your backtrace shows an API that was already changed in that version).

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-25 09:28:43

Yes, It's the same... :-(

How can I activate debbuging for the res_ldap Modul?

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-04-25 10:41:37

I still want to see a backtrace from beta8, rather than this backtrace, which is clearly from an earlier version.

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-25 10:58:47


now It is Version a backtrace from Version beta 8.

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-04-25 12:10:02

I don't see how that is.  Are you restarting Asterisk after installing 1.6.0?

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-04-25 12:11:00

What is the output of "core show version"?  Might you have multiple installations of Asterisk on the box?

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-26 04:45:20


core show version says:

Asterisk 1.6.0-beta8 built by root @ asterisk on a x86_64 running Linux on 2008-04-25 14:48:40 UTC

I look for old Lib's, I've tested a lot of different Version's

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-26 11:00:28


I have played a little bit with my own Server, it's a 32 bit System.

When I use in my res_ldap.conf: md5secret = description, Asterisk crashes.

If I use secret = description, there's no crash. :-)

I've attached the Coredump, but I think that might not helpful, because there are no debugging Informations compiled. (Gentoo with Useflag -debug) Should I enable this and recompile? ;-)

But, what means the message: ERROR[6983]: res_config_ldap.c:1289 update_ldap: Couldn't modify dn:cn=phone1,ou=asterisk,dc=blacktux,dc=de because Invalid syntax ??

I find no hint for this Update Problem. :-(

I attach my Config Files with the prefix "lupox" (this is the System Name ;-) ).  Then there's no chaos. ;-)

By: André Lehmann (blacktux) 2008-04-28 01:53:39

Good Morning,

I've played a long Time  ;-) and found the Problem with the modify Command.

My LDAP Server used the wrong Schema. I've checked the LDAP Commands with wireshark, now the SIP Phone's register successfully. :-)

It would be very nice, If the ldap Commands could be logged, maybe with an config Option?

There's an other Problem with the Password Authentification, the Phone's haven't Passwords.
Now I test the Password Authentification on the other Machine with a fresh Debian.

Which Version should I try? 1.6 beta8 ? From subversion?

By: Gavin Henry (suretec) 2008-05-27 04:11:30

Any progress?

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-05-27 07:41:53

Appears to have been fixed by the reporter's own action.  Closing.