Summary:ASTERISK-11915: Version 114606 becomes "mute" after a few thousdand calls
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Date Opened:2008-04-24 14:50:39Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:03:11
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Description:I have two Asterisk, identical except for versions. The one that has version 114580 works fine. The one with version 14606 becomes "mute", but this is not related to audio. Asterisk stops showing any verbose, stops routing calls, and does not respond to any "show core xx" statement. Nothing. It has to be restarted. Then it starts to work fine for a while.


I am running optimized in both machines. The amount of calls is 40-50 in each box. Both are 64 Bit Centos 5. I need instructions as how to troubleshoot this. Unfortunately, valgrind latest (3.4.0) has a bug where it kills the application because it does not understand one opcode (multimedia?) in my g729 codec, and valgrind older 3.3.0 becomes defunct. I have been trying to file a bug with valgrind but I cannot get any response, it seems that my emails are being discarded.
Comments:By: Private Name (falves11) 2008-04-24 20:01:23

I installed version # 114637 and this is what happens. If you type "core show channels", it fails to give any information, and a second time it becomes irresponsive, to the point that you need to kill the session and disconnect. When you log back in it is working, but don't use "core show channels", becuse you will need to disconnect.
if somebody wants to test it, please contact me at falves1@hotmail.com and I will give you the login info. The problem can be replicated 100% of the time.

By: Private Name (falves11) 2008-05-21 16:18:09

Please close the issue. The problem faded.

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2008-05-21 16:19:56

Closed per reporter.