Summary:ASTERISK-11886: placing an outbound SLA call on hold crashes system
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Date Opened:2008-04-21 18:56:57Date Closed:2008-06-03 11:02:36
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Description:When an outbound SLA call is placed on hold prior to the user dialing any digits, the call can not be retrieved from hold and then the application stops responding to CLI commands.  If the "barge" in SLA.conf is set to yes for the SIP trunk (ie. Local/disa@line1_outbound) the meetme conference can be rejoined, however hanging-up the station will still not release the conference.  The channel will remain busy forever and the CLI will not accept keystrokes (it will continue to display verbose and debug information)  As a result control can only be returned by killing the PID, and restarting.


If even one digit is dialed (whether or not it matches a complete pattern in the dial plan) the function works properly ie. either a timeout occurs and the channel is released, or the held psuedo can be picked up from hold and then released.  Ocassionally the CLI will allow a stop now command, however it never completes and no new activity can resume until the PID is killed.  When this happens the screen displays "active shutdown" to new requests for resources but never returns to a prompt.
Comments:By: Brandon Kruse (bkruse) 2008-04-21 23:42:58

Assigning to russell, since he seems most suitable.

Could you change the category russell? I am not sure if i can (i tried)

This is not an asterisk gui new feature.....

By: Mike Thomas (mthomasslo) 2008-06-02 17:16:41

This problem is not critical after installing and zaptel  The described operation no longer blocks further operations.  The 'held' 'line' may be picked-up.  There is a moment of jittery dial tone, then the call can be dropped as expected.

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2008-06-03 11:02:36

I'm going to close this out since you are no longer experiencing the issue.  However, please let me know if you run into the problem again.