Summary:ASTERISK-11839: Jabber gtalk not connecting anymore
Reporter:Visu Kaka (visu)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-04-14 02:48:15Date Closed:2008-05-10 03:51:18
Versions:Frequency of
Description:As reported in bug 0010913 - since I am unable to reopen that bug, reporting it again.

[Apr 14 02:41:34] ERROR[4583]: res_jabber.c:827 aji_act_hook: aji_act_hook was called with out a packet
[Apr 14 02:41:34] WARNING[4583]: res_jabber.c:1917 aji_recv_loop: JABBER: Got hook event.
[Apr 14 02:41:34] WARNING[4583]: res_jabber.c:1927 aji_recv_loop: JABBER: socket read error

Behaviour is random, but once it starts - stays for long time. In multiple system setup, it appears on any setup while other systems with identical install working fine (with different gtalk id's).


res_jabber.c version

ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION(__FILE__, "$Revision: 105327 $")
Comments:By: phsultan (phsultan) 2008-04-17 09:05:16

Hi visu,

Bug ASTERISK-10470 prevented Asterisk from authenticating to some XMPP servers. It looks like this one is caused by the loss of connectivity to Google's XMPP server.

Asterisk should automatically reconnect in this case, is it actually reconnecting?

By: phsultan (phsultan) 2008-05-06 04:53:15

Any news on this bug? Is Asterisk reconnecting, or at least trying to?

Thanks for your feedback.

By: phsultan (phsultan) 2008-05-10 03:51:18

If the network connection breaks at some point for some reason, Asterisk effectively tries to reconnect to the XMPP server.

I'm closing this bug since the reporter seems to have lost interest in its resolution.