Summary:ASTERISK-11669: Core Dump when Polycom Phone attempts to pick up configuration
Reporter:Scott Pell (spell)Labels:
Date Opened:2008-03-17 22:18:44Date Closed:2008-08-05 17:53:07
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) asterisknow_crash.log
Description:A visit to http://asterisknowip/phoneprov/<macaddr>.cfg causes asterisk to crash and restart.

curl http://localhost/phoneprov/0004f215cf66-phone.cfg
[admin@pbx ~]$ /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk: line 117:  7102 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) nice -n $PRIORITY ${ASTSBINDIR}/asterisk -f ${CLIARGS} ${ASTARGS} >&/dev/${TTY} </dev/${TTY}
Asterisk ended with exit status 139
Asterisk exited on signal 11.
Automatically restarting Asterisk. localhost - [17/Mar/2008:22:21:34 -0500] "GET /phoneprov/0004f215cf66-phone.cfg HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "curl/7.15.3 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.15.3 OpenSSL/0.9.7f zlib/1.2.3"
mpg123: no process killed


I have a copy of the core dump if necessary.
Comments:By: Scott Pell (spell) 2008-03-17 22:22:26

Able to reproduce on 2 different servers.

By: Scott Pell (spell) 2008-03-18 06:50:38

Once this is fixed, my intent is to create a Cisco template and to improve the Polycom template.  To keep it Open Source, I will leave off the Cisco SIP image, but the rest of the configuration is straight forward.

By: snuffy (snuffy) 2008-03-18 07:38:35

please post a backtrace if it has core dumped.
instructions can be found under the 'doc/backtrace.txt' file

By: fupjack (fupjack) 2008-03-31 10:48:32

Able to reproduce this here too.  Attaching backtrace log.

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2008-03-31 18:20:14

We are going to need to see an unoptimized backtrace in order to fix this.  Please see doc/backtrace.txt in the Asterisk source code.

By: fupjack (fupjack) 2008-04-01 07:30:37

Is there a debug version of AsteriskNow 1.0.x available to download?

By: Terry Wilson (twilson) 2008-04-08 21:16:09

I've looked at this and can confirm/reproduce.  Hopefully I'll have a fix relatively soon.

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2008-05-19 15:34:23

Hmmm, I'm unable to reproduce this in trunk.  I simply get a 404.  What all did you have to do to reproduce this crash?

By: Terry Wilson (twilson) 2008-05-19 17:07:59

AsteriskNOW has a horked backport of res_phoneprov.  It isn't any any normal asterisk release.

By: Kevin P. Fleming (kpfleming) 2008-08-05 17:53:02

This problem was caused by an improper release of res_phoneprov in AsteriskNOW 1.0. This functionality was not yet ready for inclusion in that product, and was never completed. That module will not be fixed in AsteriskNOW 1.0. Sorry.