Summary:ASTERISK-11468: dont`t correctly work ast_device_state In app_queue when ring entry to the queue
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Date Opened:2008-02-19 02:10:49.000-0600Date Closed:2008-02-22 10:32:31.000-0600
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( 1) sip.conf
Description:When member of queue make outgoing call(state of member don`t going to Ringing or Busy) and ring entry to the queue, ast_parse_device_state return “AST_DEVICE_UNKNOWN”(QueueMemberStatus=0). Queue distribute ring to  busy member of queue and blocked him.


-- Executing [306@from-pstn:1] Dial("SIP/29201-08315ec8", "SIP/29306|90|tT") in new stack
-- Called 29306
-- SIP/29306-0828c970 is ringing
-- SIP/29306-0828c970 answered SIP/29201-08315ec8
-- Executing [222@office:1] Queue("Local/222@office-7f4c,2", "queue|300|tT") in new stack
-- Started music on hold, class 'default', on Local/222@office-7f4c,2
-- Called SIP/29201
-- Got SIP response 486 "Busy Here" back from
-- SIP/29201-081ecea0 is busy
-- Nobody picked up in 0 ms
-- Auto-Pausing Queue Member SIP/29201 in queue queue since they failed to answer.
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2008-02-19 12:52:52.000-0600

Please provide your sip.conf

By: Mark Michelson (mmichelson) 2008-02-22 10:32:31.000-0600

I reproduced the situation. The problem here is that you have type=friend set for all your queue members in sip.conf. Change this to type=peer and this won't happen.