Summary:ASTERISK-11217: app_amd doesnt works properly
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Date Opened:2008-01-12 02:54:41.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:02:54
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We are using Asterisk 1.2.24 , zaptel 1.2.21 and libpri 1.2.4 , we have compiled app_amd.c in the way we should and got our amd detection parameter working .

The problem which we are facing majorly is AMD detection is not good and also NO ANSWERS calls are in huge ratio.

We have debug the problem and found that NO ANSWERS are nothing but actually a answering machine like voicemail and that gets transferred to the agents and till the time it gets transfer voice mail gets finished and that call is treated as a NO ANSWER .

The AMD parameter which we are working is

initial_silence = 3500
greeting = 1500
after_greeting_silence = 800
total_analysis_time = 5000
min_word_length = 120
between_words_silence = 50
maximum_number_of_words = 2
silence_threshold = 256

If we decrease the after greeting silence to 300 , then amd detection goes low and lot's of answering machines comes to the agents .

Is there any way of solving this problem .

Any one who is working with this app_amd parameter and not facing no answer problem , do let me know plz

That would be of great help.
Comments:By: Ronald Chan (loloski) 2008-01-12 05:56:26.000-0600


Asterisk 1.2 is on security maintenance mode now, would you be able to check if you can reproduce it on * 1.4 ?

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2008-01-14 08:08:11.000-0600

Please reopen if this is applicable to the app_amd included with Asterisk 1.4 and not an outside one.