Summary:ASTERISK-10955: after a dialplan reload hints for parked calls are allways in use
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Date Opened:2007-12-03 06:41:56.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:07:22
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Description:After a dialplan reload hints for parked calls are allways in use
however if asterisk is restarted, the hints are displayed as "idle"


mnain drawback of this issue is that reloading is virtual impossible if
people use this functionality a lot
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-12-03 08:18:57.000-0600

Please provide more information about the scenario: whether calls are parked during the reload or not, complete console output with a show hints, anything. I just tried to reproduce this a few different ways and it worked perfectly.

By: Fons van der Beek (fvdb) 2007-12-03 08:34:42.000-0600

I included the section of the dialplan what is appliable, if you need more, i'l be happy to upload complete features.conf, extensions.conf...... anything

during the reload there are no parked calles
   -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
                   706@parkedcalls         : park:706@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   705@parkedcalls         : park:705@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   704@parkedcalls         : park:704@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   703@parkedcalls         : park:703@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   702@parkedcalls         : park:702@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   701@parkedcalls         : park:701@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   300@prompts             : DS/100                State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   313@default             : SIP/313               State:Unavailable     Watchers  0
                   414@default             : SIP/414               State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   227@default             : SIP/227               State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   201@default             : SIP/201               State:Idle            Watchers  0

after dialplan reload

   -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
                   706@parkedcalls         : park:706@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   705@parkedcalls         : park:705@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   704@parkedcalls         : park:704@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   703@parkedcalls         : park:703@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   702@parkedcalls         : park:702@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   701@parkedcalls         : park:701@parkedcalls  State:InUse           Watchers  0
                   300@prompts             : DS/100                State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   313@default             : SIP/313               State:Unavailable     Watchers  0
                   414@default             : SIP/414               State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   227@default             : SIP/227               State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   201@default             : SIP/201               State:Idle            Watchers  0

just dialplan reload resulted in "inuse"

my dialplan in respect to parked calls

include => outgoing
include => prompts
include => incoming
include => parkedcalls
include => WrongNumber

exten => 701,hint,park:701@parkedcalls
exten => 702,hint,park:702@parkedcalls
exten => 703,hint,park:703@parkedcalls
exten => 704,hint,park:704@parkedcalls
exten => 705,hint,park:705@parkedcalls
exten => 706,hint,park:706@parkedcalls

exten => 701,1,ParkedCall(701)
exten => 702,1,ParkedCall(702)
exten => 703,1,ParkedCall(703)
exten => 704,1,ParkedCall(704)
exten => 705,1,ParkedCall(705)
exten => 706,1,ParkedCall(706)

parkext => 700                  ; What extension to dial to park
parkpos => 701-706              ; What extensions to park calls on. These needs to be
                               ; numeric, as Asterisk starts from the start position
                               ; and increments with one for the next parked call.
context => parkedcalls          ; Which context parked calls are in
;parkingtime => 45              ; Number of seconds a call can be parked for
                               ; (default is 45 seconds)
courtesytone = beep             ; Sound file to play to the parked caller
                               ; when someone dials a parked call
                               ; or the Touch Monitor is activated/deactivated.
parkedplay = both               ; Who to play the courtesy tone to when picking up a parked call
                               ; one of: parked, caller, both  (default is caller)
adsipark = yes                  ; if you want ADSI parking announcements
findslot => next                ; Continue to the 'next' free parking space.
                               ; Defaults to 'first' available
parkedmusicclass=default        ; This is the MOH class to use for the parked channel
                               ; as long as the class is not set on the channel directly
                               ; using Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=whatever) in the dialplan

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-12-03 08:41:06.000-0600

The parking device state stuff currently works by seeing if an extension exists at the given extension and context. When Asterisk loads res_features creates a context called parkedcalls and pbx_config creates a context called parkedcalls but the one from res_features gets priority, and since nothing is parked... none of the extensions exist and it comes up as idle. When you reload though the one in pbx_config gets priority and since you defined the extensions it considers them inuse. I would suggest using a different context in features.conf for res_features and pointing your hints to use that context instead. It should work as you want.

By: Fons van der Beek (fvdb) 2007-12-03 08:57:58.000-0600

Tnx that did the trick, sorry for bothering you and posting it as a bug.

I looked for an answer since a week, i guess this "feature" isn't as good documented as it should be.......

tnx again, i consider this issue as closed.

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-12-03 09:05:25.000-0600

Closed as it's a configuration issue. Thanks and have a great day!