Summary:ASTERISK-10835: CDR(billsec) return 0 in some scenarios
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Date Opened:2007-11-20 04:59:55.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:08:04
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Description:I have developing small system for user scheduled audio notification. Here must be feature to repeat notification if user do not hear all message.

I have create call by call-file, one leg is dialplan context with application Dial, second is AGI application, that read message from database and call many time Playback app.

If user reach end of the message and AGI stopped, then all is normal: I have billsec in variable. If user hangup first, then I have CDR(billsec) equal to 0. In both cases right values posted to cdr.

Comments:By: Igor Goncharovsky (igorg) 2007-11-20 23:59:12.000-0600

Tested today more: all CDR variables presented, except CDR(end), CDR(billsec) and CDR(duration). Looks like this values calculated after dialplan execution, i've try also ForkCDR to finish current record without any success to get value of needed variables.

By: Igor Goncharovsky (igorg) 2007-12-06 23:14:35.000-0600

This can be closed.
Latest trunk now works.

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2007-12-07 08:54:22.000-0600

Closed on request of reporter