Summary:ASTERISK-10451: Asterisk does not report time correctly
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Date Opened:2007-10-04 21:11:49Date Closed:2007-10-05 09:56:35
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Description:Several people have reported this in trixbox forums - which don't appear to be the right place for the issue as it appears to actually be an asterisk issue.  I've checked the bug list here and cannot see it already reported.

Here is what I have found in my testing:
My trixbox server has the correct time when using hwclock --show and date from
the command prompt. I am not using vmware - I am using a machine running linux
directly. If I look at the time conditions configuration page in freepbx it
shows the correct time at the top of the page where it says "server
time", however if you dial *60 or if you get a voicemail the spoken time
is 2 hours different to the correct time. Looking in extensions_additional.conf
I see that freepbx is using ${EPOCH} +11 to calculate my current time, but I am
in Sydney so my timezone should be GMT+10. I tried changing it to +9 in this
conf file (which I know you are not supposed to edit) but it made no difference
so I put it back to the way I found it.

I'd really appreciate any ideas on how to fix this


Please see http://www.trixbox.org/forums/trixbox-forums/help/time-displayed-trixbox for other users' comments about this same issue.
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-10-05 09:56:34

1.2 is no longer being fixed, and this issue should be resolved already in 1.4.