Summary:ASTERISK-10395: IAX2: Out of idle IAX2 threads for I/O, pausing!
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Date Opened:2007-09-26 17:54:41Date Closed:2007-10-01 11:26:09
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) core-show-locks-09262007
Description:We are seeing asterisk stop processing calls at random intervals (but roughly once every two days or so). We see IAX peers go unreachable then the following error on the console:

[Sep 26 18:56:18] NOTICE[10762]: chan_iax2.c:6521 socket_read: Out of idle IAX2 threads for I/O, pausing!

Shortly after this asterisk hangs and all apps stop functioning, except for rtp. Output of "core show locks" is attached.

Asterisk version is 1.4.11
Comments:By: callguy (callguy) 2007-09-26 17:56:16

One other note - this appears that it may be similar to 10406, but it wasn't entirely clear so I'm posting this separately.

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2007-10-01 11:26:09

I don't think this is realted to 10406, but it is an issue that I believe I have seen and have already fixed.  The fix is already in the 1.4 branch, and will be in 1.4.12 when it gets released this week.