Summary:ASTERISK-10236: Extension status gets stuck on hold
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Date Opened:2007-09-04 20:32:47Date Closed:2007-09-05 08:14:10
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Description:I'm using Asterisk 1.4.11 with the manager interface used by telnet into port 5038. The ExtensionState action is being used to display the state of extensions. Using a GrandStream Budge Tone 200 phone (problem also occurs using X-Lite) if I put a call on hold, then hang up the phone, the state gets stuck on hold. The phone still functions fine. I can make and receive calls, but the state stays with a value of 16. The only way I have found to remove the state is to restart asterisk.


I was previously using Asterisk and this problem didn't occur.

I can reproduce this problem every time without fail. I call another extension, place the call on hold (by pressing the hold button) then hangup.

If I place the call on hold, then retrieve the call without hanging up, then hangup with the call not on hold, it doesn't get stuck. This same sequence will not unstick the state.

OS is Centos 5.0 with all updates applied.
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-09-05 08:14:10

This is a duplicate of issue 10474. Please follow progress there.