Summary:ASTERISK-10090: No audio from/to Siemens S55 GSM phone
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Date Opened:2007-08-15 14:46:43Date Closed:2007-08-16 05:02:30
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Description:Hello dbowerman,

thanks for keeping the good job!

I'm running Asterisk 1.4.4 + chan_cellphone-22-1.4.4 on FC6/ kernel / bluez-libs[-devel]-3.7.1 / bluez-utils-3.7-2 and CSR Bluetooth dongle. Using two Bluetooth-enabled GSM phones to handle incoming calls. Motorola RazR V3 works fine; however, I have an issue with quite old Siemens S55. When the phone picks up an incoming call, I can hear the audio from phone itself, not from Asterisk.

What could be wrong with it? Feel free to request any debugging information, if needed.


P.S. Is there any plans to release the patch for Asterisk 1.4.9?
Comments:By: Josef Liska (phokz) 2007-08-15 16:06:25

Hello z0rge,
I am not sure you have caught a message from qwell on original chan_cellphone "bug" page.

chan_cellphone was renamed to chan_mobile. It now resides in SVN trunk of asterisk_addons. Get it using

svn co http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk-addons/trunk

It will end in directory trunk.

Give it a try. It might work better.

If you plan to compile chan_mobile against asterisk 1.4.x (non svn-trunk),
use following shell script to change calls ast_debug->ast_log:


cat chan_mobile.c | sed -e 's/ast_debug(1,/ast_log(LOG_DEBUG,/' > .tmp
mv .tmp chan_mobile.c

If the issue resists, enable debug output to console in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf and issue command "core set debug 1" on asterisk CLI.

Then attach debug output.

By: Dave Bowerman (dbowerman) 2007-08-16 05:02:29

chan_cellphone-22 is very old. im not surprised you are having trouble...
please use chan_mobile from svn trunk.
whilst chan_mobile is not released for 1.4.x it will work fine, but you need to change the source to get it to compile.
all references to    ast_debug(1,    need to be changed to     ast_log(LOG_DEBUG,