Summary:ASTERISK-09920: asterisk is just not a PBX
Reporter:Antonio Gallo (agx)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-07-20 11:35:52Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:10:03
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Description:Well tired of having 3489938439 patches that are never integrated.
Tired of having echo with TDM stuffs.
Tired of problems with chan_sip.c or chan_zap.c
Tired of the light speed you use to close bugs without paying any attemption or respect for the contributors.

I'm going to contribute to other PBX projects and stop buying any digium card.

My best, Regards.
Comments:By: Steve Murphy (murf) 2007-07-20 20:12:37

I feel your pain!

But, please, you have to bear with us. The last several months we have given priority to bugs over enhancements, to make 1.4 more solid. So, the enhancements slip behind.

As one of the guys who tries to merge enhancements into the source, let me say that isn't always so easy. I've been trying to be very accomodating, and will often update patches myself, rather than ask the submitter to update, if the changes to be made are obvious. Several times, I have come to situations where the patches contained significant problems, and decisions about how to handle them could only be made by the submitter, who often never responds. Many, many other times, significant shortcomings in the patches lead to a discussion, where the submitter just goes away; they don't have time to finish the submission.

What do we do? What would you do? We do the best we can. With well over 200 bug submissions per month, on the average, we are happy to keep the total number of open bugs below 400; and last we checked, 40% or so of those are enhancement requests. We try to be aggressive weeding out user misperceptions from real bugs, and sometimes we seem to ride roughshod over some folks submitting bugs. Hang in there, and re-open those bugs you don't think got fair treatment. Keep us honest.

And some bugs are pretty darn hard to reproduce and fix!

So, please, have patience, and stick with us, and hopefully we can help each other out, and provide some cool code, some good hardware, and some fun on top of that!