Summary:ASTERISK-09918: discrepacy in sendtext
Reporter:Antonio Gallo (agx)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-07-20 11:00:01Date Closed:2007-07-20 11:17:35
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Description:SendText behave in a different way if channell is answered or not and in dependency of the phone used

SendText should be consistent

Example: if channell is answered a GXP2000 display message onto the screen while snom3X0 will not, so add_text in chan_sip.c shoul be changed to address this:

static int add_text(struct sip_request *req, const char *text)
       /* XXX Convert \n's to \r\n's XXX */
       add_header(req, "Content-Type", "text/plain");
       add_header(req, "Content-Disposition", "desktop" );
       add_header_contentLength(req, strlen(text));
       add_line(req, text);
       return 0;

If channell is not answered there should be an option to have SendText answer the channel itself otherwise on GXP2000 it will add the message into the phone's SMS menĂ¹.

I'm not telling SendText that should work how i need, i'm just telling it does not work in the same way on many phones.

IMHO it shoul be splitted in 2 apps: 1 to send the message onto the display (usefull for AOC and other infoes during the call); 1 to send the message into the phone's SMS area (usefull to send reminders and notifications of stuffs happened);


Don't be Lazy and fix this! :-P