Summary:ASTERISK-09869: ChanSpy doesn't work fine for Zap channels from 1 to 9 however works fine for zap channels > 9
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Date Opened:2007-07-12 16:23:44Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:07:28
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Description:Chanspy is not working properly when try to monitor one-digit channel like zap/3 by dialing the digit followed by #, however it works fine for 2 and 3 digits channels like zap/123

my extensions.conf looks like:

exten => s,1,ChanSpy(Zap/1)
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-07-13 08:37:48

This is a configuration issue. The Zap/1 acts a prefix, so only channels starting with Zap/1 will be searched. If you enter 23 it will search for Zap/123. The solution is to use a prefix of Zap/

By: martin cabrera (galeras) 2007-07-16 15:50:41

I made a mistake with the reported dialplan snippet. The following snippet is where i have the reported issue:

exten => s,1,ChanSpy(Zap)

As you can see, there is only the word "zap" used as prefix, with this only 2 or more digit channels can be spied interactively.


By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2007-07-17 12:33:48

If you press 1#, it will search for all channels starting with 1 - Zap/1 is not necessarily going to be the first match returned.

The reason 23# or 123# are going to work reliably is because there are no other channels that could match Zap/23 or Zap/123

If you have 110 or more channels, you can see this by trying 11# repeatedly, and you'll note that Zap/11, Zap/110, Zap/111, Zap/112, Zap/113, etc will all be searched (not necessarily in that order).

With 2#, Zap/2, Zap/20, Zap/21, Zap/22, etc will be searched.

If you do 3# several times in a row, I believe you'll find that it eventually loops through the 30 range, and eventually finds 3.

Can you verify?

By: martin cabrera (galeras) 2007-07-31 12:36:40

Sorry for delay responding. Here are my findings:

there are active zap channels at the spy time:

Zap/106-1            s@FNAIvr-17:11       Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Anexo4)
Zap/1-1              800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)
Zap/13-1             s@FNAIvr-5:6         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Clave)
Zap/14-1             s@FNAIvr-7:6         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_MenuInic
Zap/157-1            385@agent:4          Up      Dial(Agent/385||t)
Zap/158-1            384@agent:4          Up      Dial(Agent/384||t)
Zap/160-1            391@agent:4          Up      Dial(Agent/391||t)
Zap/167-1            803@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(803|tr||)
Zap/186-1            803@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(803|tr||)
Zap/20-1             s@FNAIvr-7:5         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Bienveni
Zap/2-1              800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)
Zap/25-1             s@custom-FNAActivaci Up      AGI(agi://localhost/FNA_Act.ag
Zap/27-1             800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)
Zap/3-1              34@from-internal:2   Up      Playback(custom/FNA_Anexo4)
Zap/33-1             s@from-zaptel:1      Ringing AppDial((Outgoing Line))
Zap/34-1             s@from-zaptel:1      Up      Bridged Call(SIP/119-b762ad38)
Zap/36-1             s@from-zaptel:1      Up      Bridged Call(SIP/110-b761ad78)
Zap/38-1             s@from-zaptel:1      Up      Bridged Call(SIP/102-b7618158)
Zap/67-1             s@custom-FNAInicio:9 Up      Wait(2)
Zap/69-1             s@FNAIvr-7:6         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_MenuInic
Zap/7-1              800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)
Zap/77-1             s@FNAIvr-17:11       Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Anexo4)
Zap/82-1             s@FNAIvr-5:6         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Clave)
Zap/83-1             s@FNAIvr-17:11       Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Anexo4)
Zap/85-1             800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)
Zap/86-1             s@FNAIvr-7:6         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_MenuInic
Zap/88-1             s@FNAIvr-7:5         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Bienveni
Zap/90-1             s@FNAIvr-5:7         Up      BackGround(custom/FNA_Ppal1)
Zap/97-1             800@ext-queues:11    Up      Queue(800|t||)

There are extension used:

exten => 77777,1,chanspy(Zap)

There are the results:
ChanSpy start at channel Zap/106
1# -> ChanSpy selects Zap/25
1# -> Zap/25
1# -> Zap/77
2# -> Zap/25
2# -> Zap/25
27# -> Zap/27

My conclusion is ChanSpy is no folowing any pattern in channel selection. I will be glad doing more tests if you need something else.

Thanks in advance.

By: martin cabrera (galeras) 2007-08-01 06:45:36

i've upgraded to 1.2.23

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2007-08-29 14:03:38


1) as of August 1st, we are no longer maintaining 1.2 for anything but security fixes.  Can you confirm that this is still an issue for 1.4?

2) The only thing I can think of that would cause this issue is if your DTMF 1 code is not being detected properly.  In that case, everything would appear to Chanspy as if you pressed nothing but '#' (which would behave as you described).  Can you confirm that all of your DTMF are being detected properly?

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-10-29 12:06:17

I'm suspending this since there has been no reply. If it's still an issue reopen it and provide the info. Peace!