Summary:ASTERISK-09847: CLIR doesn't work on outgoing SIP calls
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Date Opened:2007-07-10 03:48:51Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:07:59
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Description:Asterisk seems not to set privacy header correctly, causing SIP provider to transmit CallerID

two cases:



exten => _X.,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=anonymous)
exten => _X.,2,Set(CALLERID(num)=anonymous)
exten => _X.,3,SetCallerPres(prohib); i've used others/without too...
exten => _X.,4,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@1und1)

resulting header:

<--- SIP read from --->
SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK40adbcec;rport=5061
From: "Unknown" <sip:XXXXXX@1und1.de>;tag=as2d98d8e7
To: <sip:YYYYYYY@sip.1und1.de>;tag=329cfeaa6ded039da25ff8cbb8668bd2.025e
Call-ID: 740943c709a1085c0dd40462064cd742@1und1.de
CSeq: 102 INVITE
Proxy-Authenticate: Digest realm="1und1.de", nonce="4693416fbe73afb8ecbcfd81f3190b54e05e10b7"
Server: UI OpenSer
Content-Length: 0

case 2

trying to initiate call using callfile:

Channel: SIP/1und1/YYYYYYY
Extension: 1234


<--- SIP read from --->
SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK5288a240;rport=5061
From: "Anonymous" <sip:XXXXXXX@1und1.de>;tag=as611a8eca
To: <sip:YYYYYY@sip.1und1.de>;tag=329cfeaa6ded039da25ff8cbb8668bd2.d701
Call-ID: 65b4ba286396ae234126b782754b28f5@1und1.de
CSeq: 102 INVITE
Proxy-Authenticate: Digest realm="1und1.de", nonce="4693437818d29c8812d358ba498324004732f74b"
Server: UI OpenSer
Content-Length: 0

header is set correctly "From: "Anonymous" <sip:XXXXXXX@1und1.de>;tag=as611a8eca" and the calling number is not presented.
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-07-10 07:44:52

What is the sip.conf entry like for 1und1? If it has a fromuser set then that overrides the calling number as some providers require it to authenticate your call.

By: workaholiker (workaholiker) 2007-07-10 07:56:29

Fromuser is required with this provider and is set to the real calling id.

i've managed to get it working like this:

exten => _X.,1,SetCallerPres(allowed)
exten => _X.,2,Set(CALLERID(all)=anonymous<anonymous>)
exten => _X.,3,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@1und1)

Question still remains, why we can't set CallerID using CALLERID(name) and CALLERID(num)

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-07-10 08:07:13

Because the caller presentation overrides setting caller ID name and number, it gets set to Anonymous. In your case, however, the number can't be set to that because fromuser overrides it in order to work with your provider. As far as I can tell this is working fine.

By: workaholiker (workaholiker) 2007-07-10 08:12:51

in my case CLIR is working even if fromuser is set in sip.com, but only if i set outgoing Callerid with Set(CALLERID(all)=anonymous<anonymous>). If i do it in two steps with Set(CALLERID(name)=anonymous) and Set(CALLERID(num)=anonymous) somthing is going wrong...

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-07-10 08:14:31

And what are the SIP packets like if you do it in one step and in two steps?

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-07-30 10:00:52

I'm suspending this bug since it's been quite some time and I strongly believe it is a configuration related issue.