Summary:ASTERISK-09730: DTMF Problem
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Date Opened:2007-06-22 04:49:47Date Closed:2007-06-22 06:42:14
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Description:We are integrating MISDN 1 e1 card ( using it as a MASTER and in NT MODE ) with NORTEL PBX ( using it as a slave ) .Incoming call from vsnl is landing on our server on IP , and  MISDN card is also inserted on the same server and then we are forwarding that call to NORTEL PBX , problem which we are facing is with the acceptance of dtmf digits .

When we enter any dtmf digits then those digits are shown to us in misdn debug but those dtmf digits are not passed on to nortel pbx due to which dtmf is not getting accepted .

Any help will be highly helpful for us .

i am attaching misdn.conf and also misdn-init.conf

Waiting for ur response .

Comments:By: crich (crich) 2007-06-22 06:42:14


this here is a bug tracker which covers bugs like crashes or malfunctions. Your described problem looks like a configuration issue, i would much rather move this discussion to the mISDN Mailinglist, which can be found at www.misdn.org.

Please don't feel mistreated, you'll get fast responses on the Mailinglist for sure.