Summary:ASTERISK-09726: nothing happens on ring if phones RJ45 is disconnected should go to Voice Mail
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Date Opened:2007-06-21 11:32:01Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:08:01
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Description:set up a users phone unplugged the RJ45 lead tried ringing it - nothing happens asterisks just recieves what to do and just waits i guess it should go to voice mail or alert you that the phone isn't connect (so IT services can be informed)

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Asterisk 1.4.4
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Comments:By: Stephen Coles (psycho coles) 2007-06-21 11:50:18

have just tried again i have ext


i have phones plugged into 202 & 264 but not 601 when i unplug 202, on testing this happens:

ring 601 i get voicemail saying unavailable (as not in use)
ring 202 i get a pause (for about 4 seconds) then i get voicemail unavailable

why the pause?  should just go straight to voice mail or

if the company was big and a handset failed or the RJ45 cable fail the system could see that that the handset hasn't logged out\deregisted and that asterisks can't connect a call to the handset so send it to voicemail or to another person handset (if the phone has failed no one will know about calls) it could then inform IT services that theres a problem (email / snmp)

By: Stephen Coles (psycho coles) 2007-06-21 11:56:50

it thinks the handset is still connected, should asterisks be checking and note that it isn't

By: James Lyons (james) 2007-06-21 12:00:26

There's no way to detect the presence of an analog handset. Either that line is onhook or offhook. Additionally onhook looks the same as if the phone is not connected at all.

The presence detection you are looking for is available with IP phones.

Asterisk will go to voicemail if the extension is unavailable, of course if you've configured that extension to have voicemail

By: Stephen Coles (psycho coles) 2007-06-21 12:30:48

both phone are ip phones - grandstream 101 not the best phone but when asterisks tries to connect surely its like a PING it will fail if it doesn't find the hardware

it's not at the mo and only diverting to voicemail after the set number of rings of the handset

By: James Lyons (james) 2007-06-21 12:33:55

capture the sip debug when you attempt to call the phone. It sounds like your phone is not registering properly or not being found.

you can turn on sip debugging by entering the following at the asterisk console

*CLI> set sip debug

By: Stephen Coles (psycho coles) 2007-06-21 12:37:10

asterisks has finally realise that ext 202 is unplug
after 30 minutes though

if i want real time monitoring of ip handset i have to make an app that pings them every x minutes

By: James Lyons (james) 2007-06-21 12:46:48

You can use 'qualify=200' which checks to see if the peer is alive every 200 ms.