Summary:ASTERISK-09569: Notify from Sipura SIP fails with SIP/2.0 489 Bad event
Reporter:eugene grossi (grossi)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-06-02 12:29:25Date Closed:2007-06-04 06:24:37
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) debug_log.txt
Description:Sipura/Linksys SPA942 SIP Notify dialog for BLF fails with "SIP/2.0 489 Bad event in debug log".

chan_sip.c reports  "Invalid SIP message - rejected , no callid, len 624"
The debug log attached.

The SPA942 ( is configured with extension one as '18' and is marked as private. The second extension '28' is marked as shared for '28'.
The SPA942 generates a "CSeq: 61570 NOTIFY" with the state notification in a xml dialog, however the asterisk server rejects it as stated above.

I cannot find this having been reported before.


The similar SIP Notify Dialog for BLF on a AASTra 53i works fine.
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-06-04 06:24:36

chan_sip does not support receiving NOTIFY packets unless they are to update the status of a transfer. If not they are simply discarded by sending back the 489 Bad event response.