Summary:ASTERISK-09519: usedistinctiveringdetection=yes doesn't set the variable in chan_zap.c
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Date Opened:2007-05-25 12:38:56Date Closed:2007-05-28 18:36:26
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Description:Setting the variable usedistinctiveringdetection in the zapata.conf file does not enable the distinctivering functionality.

One must change the source code (chan_zap.c) to manually force this feature on (well has a hack fix anyway).

tmp->usedistinctiveringdetection = usedistinctiveringdetection;
tmp->usedistinctiveringdetection = 1;


I wanted to use distinctiveringdetection, so I set the variable to yes, and made sure that callerID was active.  However, I didn't get any notification when the phone rang that distinctiveringdetection was "kicking in".

So I looked in the code, and saw a warning message that would appear if I were to turn off callerid.  I did that to intentionally break it, and the message didn't appear.  That is when I suspected that the variable wasn't getting read in correctly.

I added some debug statements, and verified that although it was being read in from the config file, it wasn't being set properly.  My C experience stopped me from exploring further, so I just set the variable

               tmp->usedistinctiveringdetection = usedistinctiveringdetection;
               tmp->usedistinctiveringdetection = 1;

forcefully, and now distinctivering detection works.

This is what I have in my zapata.conf file that doesn't seem to "take":
; Whether or not to do distinctive ring detection on FXO lines
                               ; enable dring detection after callerid for those countries like Australia
                               ; where the ring cadence is changed *after* the callerid spill.
; Whether or not to use caller ID
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-05-28 18:36:26

Fixed in 1.4 as of revision 66312.