Summary:ASTERISK-09473: Button template for Cisco 7936 Conference station
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Date Opened:2007-05-19 05:52:20Date Closed:2007-05-19 09:48:35
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Description:Hello Everyone, I'm Manuel From Italy and I am new to here, i hope to be usefully for a develop of this product.

I have a Cisco conference station 7936, Cisco7936 (30019), Version: 0

Version: Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r65201 but the defect is reproducibile in any version, 1.2 too.

The devices registered correctly:

*CLI> skinny show devices
Name                 DeviceId         IP              Type            R NL
-------------------- ---------------- --------------- --------------- - --
502                  SEP0004F2E0DD0D 7936            Y  1

*CLI> skinny show lines
Device Name          Instance Name                 Label              
-------------------- -------- -------------------- --------------------
502                         1 502                                      

The fault is The big dial button don't make any conseguence, i have tried Wireshark too but don't transmit any packet, otherwise if i dial a number from digit and press central softbutton with dial from CLI the result is this:


the redial button is functionally:
*CLI> Received Softkey Event: Redial(0)

The Sccp channel in 1.4 branch won't compile and in 1.2 is functionally, but the devices after 2 time the line button is pressed stop to work and the softkey disappear as described in a old chan_sccp forum's 3ad.

Thankyou for the disponibility and the patience, I hope they give me and the community a big hand.

Best Regards, Manuel
Comments:By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2007-05-19 09:48:35

Please try the patch in ASTERISK-8978 and report back with results.  Closing, duplicate.