Summary:ASTERISK-09175: Videosupport messes up sip routing
Reporter:Jonathan Tripathy (jonnytcarryduff)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-04-03 10:33:39Date Closed:2007-04-04 08:23:21
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Description:I have 2 voip trunks. I have an inbound route for trunk1(sipgate) set to ext 101. If some1 calls trunk 1 from outside, it works. However if someone on a different extention (eg. 201 or 202...) is calling outside (ie making an outgoing call on trunk 1 or 2), when some1 else calls trunk one from outside it goes straight to voicemail (asterisk voicemail - this shows that my firewall is set up properly).

Trixbox isnt routing the call properly to the extention. I don't think my problem is limited to above situation but the bottom line is that if someone if using their phone for most things, trixbox doesn't route other sip calls properly.

This only happens when videosupport=yes in sip.conf


Using trixbox v 2.0 with NAT enabled so I can use remote extentions. When i comment out "videosupport=yes" everything works flawlessly!
Comments:By: Jonathan Tripathy (jonnytcarryduff) 2007-04-03 10:36:00

sorry the asterisk version is 1.2.14 NOT 1.4.2 as mentioned

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2007-04-04 08:23:21

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