Summary:ASTERISK-09161: Frequent crash with similar core on 3 different servers
Reporter:Daniel J. Laffin (dan42)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-03-31 15:16:05Date Closed:2007-06-06 13:21:15
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) output.txt
Description:Attached is the output from "bt", "bt full", and "thread apply all bt" after compiling "dont-optimize" and starting with -g and "CONSOLE=no".

Although I am unable to trigger the problem directly, it is happening at least once an hour on one of the three machines running 1.2.17.
Comments:By: Daniel J. Laffin (dan42) 2007-03-31 17:04:27

GCC: gcc version 4.1.2 20061115 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)
Kernel: 2.6.16-2-em64t-p4-smp
GLIBC: 2.3.6.ds1-13

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2007-04-02 11:24:06

Please attach any available any console output prior to crash, plus (if you can) dialplan logic or a general idea of what the boxes are doing.

By: Daniel J. Laffin (dan42) 2007-04-04 13:24:14

I've been waiting for this to happen again, but it hasn't since I recompiled with "dont-optimize".  All 3 servers have 3 day uptimes.

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2007-05-14 12:02:54

Can we assume that this has stopped happening?

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2007-06-06 13:21:15

Closing due to lack of response.  Please re-open this report if this continues to happen.