Summary:ASTERISK-09129: Authentication Failed when Logging in.
Reporter:David Mackey (davidshq)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-03-28 08:11:13Date Closed:2007-03-30 20:21:06
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Description:I can login to the system configuration using the username and password I created, but when I attempt to use the same to login to the Configuration Engine I receive an "Authentication Failed" message. I used a two $ and a # in the password as well as regular alphabetical characters.
Comments:By: James Lyons (james) 2007-03-29 13:42:55

When you say "configuration engine" do you mean the Asterisk GUI?

The system configuration interface (branded currently with rPath logos) is separate from the AsteriskGUI.

If this you're having trouble with the AsteriskGUI, and you have physical access to the box, then you can see what the password is set to by hitting ALT+F9, getting to the asterisk CLI...

*CLI> !vi /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

And you'll see an 'admin' context with a plaintext password.

By: David Mackey (davidshq) 2007-03-30 10:48:35

Yes, I meant the Asterisk GUI. Thanks for the instructions. I ended up reinstalling the OS before I received this note. I used a plaintext password instead of special characters.