Summary:ASTERISK-08777: Unable to use Dynamic Features
Reporter:Dave Hormel (dhormel)Labels:
Date Opened:2007-02-11 14:38:13.000-0600Date Closed:2007-02-12 11:17:07.000-0600
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Description:Using Trixbox 2.0.0 with Asterisk 1.2.13 svn rev 47264.

I have configured Dynamic Features applicationmap section in features.conf to recognize the *3 or *4 keys and have set the DYNAMIC_FEATURES variable to the feature names. However, I cannot ever get these features to fire off.
I AM able to use Builtin Features for Blind Transfer and Attended Transfer by htting the ## and *2 keys as configured in features.conf, but nothing happens for any of the dynamic features. Do they still work in this rev?
Comments:By: James Lyons (james) 2007-02-11 15:03:30.000-0600

If this is a bug in Asterisk, please enter this into the Asterisk section of this bug tracker.

However, as this appears to be a configuration issue with Trixbox, please enter this issue into their tracker.