Summary:ASTERISK-08532: System happy to assign multiple extensions to the same analog line
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Date Opened:2007-01-09 10:18:52.000-0600Date Closed:2007-01-16 21:19:41.000-0600
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Description:In the GUI, setup wizard, Step 7 of 7 (User extensions):

The system is happy to create two extensions that are both mapped to the same analog port.  E.g.:

* Create extension ASTERISK-594, mapped to Analog port #1
* Create extension ASTERISK-595, mapped to Analog port #1 (!)

In the context of setup (or any other configuration context, I think) it should not be possible to do this.

(Extra credit:  when adding a new user, the analog line dropdown should default to the next unused analog port).


Asterisk GUI in 1.4.0-0.25-3
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2007-01-09 20:45:17.000-0600

I don't know.  I think there are definitely situations where this would be desired.  For example, let's say one of your employees leaves the company, but you have someone else that you would like to their calls for a while.

You'll have to try pretty hard to convince me that this is actually a bug.  :)

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2007-01-10 08:46:51.000-0600

I'll throw in my two cents here as well: I don't think the system should enforce "dial-plan logic." -- in Asterisk proper this is administrator's responsibility. The extra credit suggestion makes sense, though.

By: Andrew Payne (payne92) 2007-01-10 08:52:47.000-0600

Please keep in mind that this is in the context of *initial setup*; specifically, the setup wizard.

The setup wizard should be focused on the shortest path for the user to get to a usable initial configuration, focusing on the common case and minimizing the chances that the user can hose himself.

With your example, I'd say two extensions to one analog port is a possible, but exceptional case, outside the common case, and therefore should not be allowed in the setup wizard.

Therefore, I'd argue this is a "bug" and should be kept open for tracking until it is resolved.

By: Pari Nannapaneni (pari) 2007-01-16 21:19:40.000-0600

Added in commit 262.

Keeping in view of russell's point that this could be useful in certain situations, I have made this feature optional. The check can be enforced by going to options page and selecting a checkbox.