Summary:ASTERISK-08222: Dialog box for mismatched admin passwords refers to "root" password
Reporter:Andrew Payne (payne92)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-11-30 13:49:37.000-0600Date Closed:2006-12-11 09:41:14.000-0600
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Description:The dialog box for the admin password page during the install process that pops up refers to a "root" password.

The language should be consistent with the other language on the page, which probably means it should say "admin password".
Comments:By: James Lyons (james) 2006-12-01 11:48:33.000-0600

Corrected: This sort of fix touches on some of the complexities of anaconda with regards to how rPath has allowed overwriting of certain files within anaconda with the anaconda-custom trove. However, anaconda-custom cannot overwrite build-time compilation flags. Which anaconda's dialog box messages are stored in a file that is passed this way. This would require shadowing anaconda into our repo's and since anaconda is special would need to be built each and everytime you want to do a new release.

By: James Lyons (james) 2006-12-04 14:29:09.000-0600

Andy, if this thing is only a trivial issue (which i think it is) we can just let this one go for now.

By: Andrew Payne (payne92) 2006-12-10 18:54:59.000-0600

Appears fixed in beta2-rc2