Summary:ASTERISK-07945: [patch] Added bindaddr in configuraton setting in gtalk.conf
Reporter:Morten Isaksen (misaksen)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-10-17 16:44:46Date Closed:2006-11-01 14:38:35.000-0600
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) gtalk_bindaddr.diff
Description:chan_gtalk would some times bind it self to the loopback address.

I have attached a patch that enables you to set which address chan_gtalk should bind it self to. Just like in chan_sip.
Comments:By: Anthony LaMantia (alamantia) 2006-10-18 16:01:40

thanks for the submission,
I think we have to review if this will solve the problem 100% from what i looks like in other bug reports, the gtalk channel will send xmpp canidates containing to the remote gtalk client..

is the problem really one of binding to this address and is this something that can solve the canidate issue?

besides the questions above it really is a nice feature to have either way IMO.

By: Matt O'Gorman (mogorman) 2006-11-01 14:38:35.000-0600

committed into 1.4 and trunk