Summary:ASTERISK-07923: dnsmgr stops refreshing after a reload
Reporter:Philippe Lindheimer (p_lindheimer)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-10-12 16:04:07Date Closed:2006-10-13 10:56:25
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Description:When enabled in dnsmgr.conf and verbosity set high enough (verbosity level 5 works), the dnsmgr should print a message similar to the following in the logfile as well as at the CLI each time it refreshes:

 == Refreshing DNS lookups.

After doing a reload, it stops printing out this message.

When executing a 'dnsmgr status' it still shows it as enabled, ex:

asterisk*CLI> dnsmgr status
DNS Manager: enabled
Refresh Interval: 300 seconds
Number of entries: 2

however, it no longer prints out the periodic refresh.

Doing a 'dnsmgr reload' also has no effect, it prints out a standard message, ex:

asterisk*CLI> dnsmgr reload
 == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/dnsmgr.conf': Found

however it does not start printing the refresh message. I have had to stop asterisk and restart it to get it to go back to refreshing.

****** STEPS TO REPRODUCE ******

1. start asterisk with dnsmgr.conf configuration enabled (see example conf file)
2. Verify that the '== Refreshing DNS lookups.' message are displaying regularly
3. do a 'reload' at teh CLI
4. observe that there are no more refreshes occuring after this point


This behavior is reproducable on 1.2.10. I do not have a system available and there are existing bugs in the later release that make me not able to upgrade to that release.


enable=yes              ; enable creation of managed DNS lookups
                       ;   default is 'no'
refreshinterval=300     ; refresh managed DNS lookups every <n> seconds
                       ;   default is 300 (5 minutes)
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2006-10-13 10:56:25

Fixed in 1.2 as of revision 45030, 1.4 as of revision 45031 and trunk as of revision 45032. Thanks!