Summary:ASTERISK-07848: something in the new compile process is causing AST_DATA_DIR to be empty
Reporter:Andrew Kohlsmith (akohlsmith)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-09-30 19:51:05Date Closed:2006-10-01 13:31:12
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Description:The value of this variable is supposed to be /var/lib/asterisk, but on three separate Slackware 10.2 systems, it is ending up as "".  Earlier versions of svn trunk (from about two weeks ago) did not have this issue.


I haven't been able to track down what's causing this just yet, but my suspicions are with the manditory "make distclean" that is needed to overcome a bug in menuselect.
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2006-10-01 10:31:56

The mandatory distclean was just a single occassion.  There was an update to the configure script, but the Makefile has not been written in such a way to know that the configure script needed to be run again due to a change.

In any case, I just looked at my "defaults.h" and saw that I also have "" for AST_DATA_DIR.  I'll take a look at it now ...

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2006-10-01 13:31:11

This has been fixed in the 1.4 branch and the trunk in revisions 44125 and 44126.  Thanks!