Summary:ASTERISK-07829: Asterisk crashes when i call a gtalk contact or get called by one.
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Date Opened:2006-09-27 19:04:34Date Closed:2006-10-06 08:42:20
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) ast_crash.txt
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( 3) gdb2-bt.txt
( 4) gdb2-bt-full.txt
( 5) gdb-bt.txt
( 6) gdb-bt-full.txt
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Description:Asterisk crashes when i call a gtalk contact. Same happends when the contact call's me.

****** STEPS TO REPRODUCE ******

dial number that calls an gmail account


running kernel:
Comments:By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-09-27 19:33:03

I have changed gtalk buddy names to contact1 till contact4 for privacy
I have changed gtalk outgoing account to google_account for privacy

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-09-28 14:57:49

uploaded new gdb-bt.txt file, wich is the same except that i anonomized it by renaming my outgoing account to google_account.

By: Anthony LaMantia (alamantia) 2006-09-28 15:57:40

was this built with make dont-optimize (if not please re-submit the backtrace after asterisk has been recompiled with this setting) ,  also please include as much of the debug log that you consider relevant.

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-09-28 16:05:46

some info about my situation:

pc with asterisk <-> network <-> zyxel adsl modem & router & nat, with 2 analog phone ports of wich one connects to an philips onis dect phone called zyxel1 <-> internet

asterisk registers with my teleponey/internet provider (tiscali) over the internet connection, zyxel1 phone connects with asterisk

I think NAT is the problem, or rather gtalk not handling it very well.

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-09-28 16:12:34

it was made with the following compiler options:

- do_crash

i have included the debug log in the file called "full", wich i rotated before makeing the bugfixes, so they should include mostly relevant information

If you mean another debug log, let me know

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-10-01 15:39:08

attatched ast_crash, log created with SVN-trunk-r44136M, will also attatch new debug logs, as they originated from a svn version, not beta2 as serge-v seems to indicate. probably serge-v based this on the wron svn number wich i reported, but i am not sure.

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-10-01 17:57:56

I just uploaded gdb2-bt.txt and gdb2-bt-full.txt, wich where made with SVN-trunk-r44136M compiled with COMPILER FLAGS:


Hope it helps to debug this. Please leave a note with contact info if you need system access to troubleshoot this.

By: Matt O'Gorman (mogorman) 2006-10-04 10:41:22

this is a duplicate of 7764, please follow same advice update to latest chan_gtalk of 1.4 or trunk and try it , if you still have problems you can message me here or directly via jabber or email at mogorman@digium.com

By: rdlang (rdlang) 2006-10-05 18:30:28

still occurring.... for my feedback and point of crash in code see issue 7764

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-10-06 08:42:19

alright, no reason two keep two bugs open for the same issue. Please continue looking for a solution in ASTERISK-7560.