Summary:ASTERISK-07553: RFC2833 DTMF Events Out of Sequence = Duplicate Digits
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Date Opened:2006-08-19 00:12:46Date Closed:2007-03-23 09:00:38
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When a DTMF RTP Event is received "after" an End Event for the same Digit, meaning that it has a previous sequence number and duration but it is received after the End Event, Asterisk reproduces 2 digits instead of the original single digit sent.

In our case, we are receiving only one isolated Digit Event between the End Ones, which are always 3.

We are offering a bounty of $200 in order to make a patch that does either one of the following proposed solutions, which we'd like the volunteers to analyze:

1) Discard the first isolated End Event by seeing that an Event with previous duration and sequence number is received afterwards.

2) Discard the isolated Digit Event that results between two End Events, by recognizing that it has a previous duration and sequence number than the the End Event received before it.

3) Don't discard Events, but make an array and arrange them by sequence number and duration. In this case, timing must be considered when the same digit is actually pressed twice. We'd suggest that a re-arranging array would allow only events within a configurable period of time.


A detailed capture is provided where the error is clearly shown.

We appreciate an opportune response as this issue started affecting our calling cards' service since 3 days ago when our SIP DID Provider started sending digit events in an altered order, after we had offered a reliable service for more than 3 continuous months.

Thank you in advance.

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Comments:By: Max Glucksmann (mglucksmann) 2006-08-19 00:27:18

Please see issue:

Which is properly posted with the correct category and bounty tag in the short description...

Please delete this one if possible.

Thank you.

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2006-08-19 00:40:35

Duplicate of 7758