Summary:ASTERISK-07480: Latest SVN (8/7/06) chan_jingle incoming call from google talk dumps core
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Date Opened:2006-08-07 17:42:51Date Closed:2006-08-08 16:42:58
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Description:I am up to latest chan_jingle (as of 8/7/06 SVN), which was recently modified by Matt with oej's code cleanups.  Pre-update, calls came in and were answered- but I am affected by the 'no audio' problem that seems to impact a few testers.

With the patch, as soon as asterisk receives the call, it dumps core.  A backtrace is below: (bt full)


#0  iks_stack_delete (s=0x32657461) at ikstack.c:189
       c = (ikschunk *) 0x32657461
       tmp = (ikschunk *) 0x8193f28
#1  0x405f4894 in iks_delete (x=0x32657461) at iks.c:205
No locals.
#2  0x40aea8ba in jingle_response (client=0x4060ce40, pak=0x81f92f8,
   reasonstr=0x0, reasonstr2=0x0) at chan_jingle.c:472
       response = (iks *) 0x81fce2c
       error = (iks *) 0x0
       reason = (iks *) 0x811fd58
       res = 135872296
#3  0x40aea4d0 in jingle_newcall (client=0x4060ce40, pak=0x81f92f8)
   at chan_jingle.c:950
       p = (struct jingle_pvt *) 0x81f93e8
       tmp = (struct jingle_pvt *) 0x40aeb51d
       chan = (struct ast_channel *) 0x81fc128
       res = 845509729
       codec = (iks *) 0x81fc128
#4  0x40ae9794 in jingle_parser (data=0x4060ce40, pak=0x81f92f8)
   at chan_jingle.c:1420
No locals.
ASTERISK-1  0x405f9790 in iks_filter_packet (f=0x81897e8, pak=0x81f92f8)
   at filter.c:154
       rule = (iksrule *) 0x4060ce40
       max_rule = (iksrule *) 0x4060d024
       fail = 1
       score = 136286968
       max_score = 13
ASTERISK-2  0x405773eb in aji_act_hook (data=0x8193f28, type=135872296, node=0x81f0f14)
   at res_jabber.c:622
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
       newcount = 0
       pak = (ikspak *) 0x81f92f8
       auth = (iks *) 0x8193f28
ASTERISK-3  0x405f766d in tagHook (data=0x81896ac, name=0x81d1110 "iq", atts=0x0,
   type=1) at stream.c:253
       x = (iks *) 0x81f0f14
       err = 845509729
ASTERISK-4  0x405f5c3b in sax_core (prs=0x81896ec,
   buf=0x81c8c28 "<iq to=\"tdktca@gmail.com/TDK CorporC71934B0\" type=\"set\" i               d=\"72\" from=\"planac@gmail.com/Talk.v92AB5B60B6\"><session type=\"initiate\" i               d=\"2369296505\" initiator=\"planac@gmail.com/Talk.v92AB5B60B6\" xmlns=\"h"...,                len=724) at sax.c:323
       tmp = (char **) 0x811fd58
       err = IKS_NOMEM
       pos = 723
       old = 719
       re = 845509729
       stack_old = -1
       c = 62 '>'
ASTERISK-5  0x405f7bdd in iks_recv (prs=0x81896ec, timeout=136088616) at stream.c:465
       data = (struct stream_data *) 0x81896ac
       len = 136088616
       ret = 845509729
ASTERISK-6 0x40573d19 in aji_recv_loop (data=0x8193f28) at res_jabber.c:1390
       res = 0
ASTERISK-7 0x080cdee4 in dummy_start (data=0x811fd58) at utils.c:554
       _buffer = {__routine = 0x80b8270 <ast_unregister_thread>,
 __arg = 0x20008, __canceltype = 1083383540, __prev = 0x0}
       ret = (void *) 0x8189808
       a = {start_routine = 0x40573c50 <aji_recv_loop>, data = 0x8193f28,
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
 name = 0x8189808 "aji_recv_loop        started at [ 2279] res_jabber.c aji_rel               oad()"}
ASTERISK-8 0x4003bf60 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0
No symbol table info available.
ASTERISK-9 0x401df327 in clone () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
No symbol table info available.
Comments:By: pbd (pbd) 2006-08-07 21:00:30

This one obviously is not 'ACD'- but I'm not sure what experimental feature to put this under.. could a bug martial set it to something more appropriate?

By: Clod Patry (junky) 2006-08-07 21:34:08

i will put it with res_jabber, since it's directly related to it.

By: Alberto Sagredo (albersag) 2006-08-08 05:32:23

I have same problem with trunk 39310

I will make some more test to locate problem

By: pbd (pbd) 2006-08-08 16:41:35

Problem resolved (for me) as of 39420.

By: Matt O'Gorman (mogorman) 2006-08-08 16:42:58

fixed it with more code clean up today