Summary:ASTERISK-07470: Courtesytone plays to work side of call on parked call pickup
Reporter:James Blachly (jblachly)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-08-06 17:48:34Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:08:18
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Description:When picking up a parked call, the courtesytone should play to the caller who was parked (see text in the sample features.conf: "Sound file to play to the parked caller when someone dials a parked call" )

The courtesytone does play, however, it plays to the person picking up the parked call.


Error probably lies in res_features.c
Comments:By: James Blachly (jblachly) 2006-08-06 17:49:28

Summary should read: "Courtesy tone plays to WRONG side of call"

By: James Blachly (jblachly) 2006-08-06 18:47:23

This appears to be fixed in the "trunk" version

Problem is with the following snippet of code, FWIW.  
"chan" should be "peer" (or equivalently, chan->pu)
This appears to be fixed in the 'trunk' version of res_features.c

/* Play a courtesy beep in the calling channel to prefix the bridge connecting */
if (!ast_strlen_zero(courtesytone)) {
if (!ast_streamfile(chan, courtesytone, chan->language)) {
if (ast_waitstream(chan, "") < 0) {
ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Failed to play courtesy tone!\n");
return -1;

By: James Blachly (jblachly) 2006-08-06 19:15:35

The code is still incorrect in the latest 1.2 in subversion (I viewed it on the web).

When I viewed (on http://svn.digium.com/) the "trunk" version, the code has been changed and based on my reading, the bug has been fixed.

I was told that things in trunk do not automatically make the next release.  I don't know how all this works (subversion, submitting patches, asterisk commit policies, release candidates, etc.) -- however, I think it is important to make sure this gets into 1.2.  Again, the code is corrected in the "trunk" version.

By: James Blachly (jblachly) 2006-08-06 19:17:40

This is a duplicate of bug 5682 and was corrected in 'trunk' by Revision 7865.

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-08-07 09:33:40

jblachly: thanks for doing the research here. Since patch from 5682 was classified as 'feature', the fix will not be made to the current release (1.2.x) branch. However, this will be a part of 1.4 branch that will be released very soon.

By: James Blachly (jblachly) 2006-08-07 16:51:22

vechers,  thank you for the information.  I am still learning how logistics work in a project this large.

I can submit a 2 line patch to correct it in 1.2 ; however, I myself am content to wait for 1.4.

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-08-21 14:41:21

jblachy: we discourage posting backported patches on the bug-tracker. Please feel free to submit your patch to a third-party resource, like asterisk-backports.org, though.

ok, this issue will be fixed when 1.4 comes out. Thanks.