Summary:ASTERISK-07440: Dialing certain numbers with 'r' set in the Dial command doesn't remove the ringtone when the other side answers.
Reporter:Aaron Daniel (adaniel)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-08-01 15:56:10Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:08:05
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Description:There are several numbers that cause asterisk to continue ringing even though the other side is passing audio.  When the call is made, asterisk receives a progress code of 127, and continues to play the ringtone.  The interim fix we've put in place is creating an exceptions list, and I really have no clue where to start in trying to make this not happen in the code.


   -- Executing Answer("SIP/", "") in new stack
   -- Executing Wait("SIP/", "1") in new stack
   -- Executing Dial("SIP/", "Zap/g1/918009322732||r") in new stack
   -- Requested transfer capability: 0x00 - SPEECH
   -- Called g1/918009322732
   -- Zap/98-1 is proceeding passing it to SIP/
   -- PROGRESS with cause code 127 received
   -- Zap/98-1 is making progress passing it to SIP/
   -- Hungup 'Zap/98-1'
Comments:By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2006-08-01 21:32:49

The 'r' option explicitly sends back Ringing no matter what we get, until it's answered. Looking at the console output you gave the call is never answered so ringing never stops. If you need to hear audio from the remote side before the call is answered then don't use the 'r' option.