Summary:ASTERISK-07387: Asterisk crashes with high load when MixMonitor() is used
Reporter:Eric Dantie (edantie)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-07-24 02:50:31Date Closed:2006-09-18 10:21:23
Versions:Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) btfull.txt
Description:2 E1 used for inbounds and 2 E1 used for outbouds.

Used for IVR and recodings calls

Fails when the 2 E1 inbounds are connected. Looks more stable when only 1 E1 inbound is connected.

bt full attached


Asterisk on gentoo with kernel 2.6.17 (32bits) with digium TE410P on Dell poweredge 2850 with 2 xeons.



CONSOLE=Console/dsp                             ; Console interface for demo
INTRUNK=Zap/g1                                  ; Trunk interface
OUTTRUNK=Zap/g2                                 ; Trunk interface


exten => 50014,1,Goto(928219035,1)

exten => 928219035,1,Answer
exten => 928219035,2,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=5)
exten => 928219035,3,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=5)
exten => 928219035,4,background(gobcan/bienvenido)
exten => 928219035,5,background(gobcan/menu)
exten => 928219035,6,Goto(0,1)

exten => t,1,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1900)
exten => t,2,HangUp

exten => 0,1,MixMonitor(200/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 0,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/928219035)
exten => 0,3,HangUp

exten => 1,1,MixMonitor(210/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 1,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1901)
exten => 1,3,HangUp

exten => 928219030,1,MixMonitor(210/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 928219030,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/928219030)
exten => 928219030,3,HangUp

exten => 2,1,MixMonitor(220/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 2,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1902)
exten => 2,3,HangUp

exten => 3,1,MixMonitor(260/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 3,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1903)
exten => 3,3,HangUp

exten => 4,1,MixMonitor(230/${UNIQUEID}.gsm)
exten => 4,2,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1904)
exten => 4,3,HangUp

exten => _92821903X,1,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/${EXTEN})
exten => _92821903X,2,Hangup

exten => s-CHANUNAVAIL,1,Playback(gobcan/inoperativa)
exten => s-CHANUNAVAIL,2,HangUp

exten => i,1,BackGround(gobcan/invkey)
exten => i,2,Goto(928219035,5)

exten => _XXXXXXXXX.,1,Dial(${INTRUNK}/${EXTEN})
exten => _XXXXXXXXX.,2,Hangup
exten => _1XXX,1,Dial(${LPA}/${EXTEN})
exten => _1XXX,2,Hangup
exten => _2XXX,1,Dial(${TENERIFE}/${EXTEN})
exten => _2XXX,2,Hangup

include => primarioin

include => primarioin

Core information:
-= bt from optimized build snipped by vechers 07/27/06; see btfull.txt =-
Comments:By: Eric Dantie (edantie) 2006-07-24 07:56:24

this bug still exist on svn SVN-trunk-r38139

-= bt from optimized build snipped by vechers 07/27/06; see btfull.txt =-

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-07-24 10:10:33

ugh, please don't post bt's inline, but as attachments only. Was asterisk built with "make don-optimize" for 1.2.10 or DONT OPTIMIZE checked in menuselect for trunk? If not, you will need to rebuild Asterisk and provide new bt's. Thanks.

By: Eric Dantie (edantie) 2006-07-26 05:18:56

It's a mixmonitor problem. Change mixmonitor for monitor and the problem doesn't occure anymore

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2006-07-26 10:17:48

Please see vechers' bugnote above. We need to make sure this is an unoptimized build so that the backtrace is accurate.

By: Eric Dantie (edantie) 2006-07-27 02:55:28

The svn bt was generated by an asterisk with no optimization.
Hope that will help.

The 1.2.10 bt was compiled with optimizations, sorry

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-07-27 09:00:17

ok, thanks for attaching a bt, I will clean up all inline optimized bt's. Hopefully a developer will pick this up now.

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2006-09-05 15:10:51

Please give the latest 1.2 branch a try - I just merged in a backport of my changes for trunk that solved a few issues.

By: Joshua C. Colp (jcolp) 2006-09-18 10:21:22

No responses people, but that's okay. If an issue still exists please reopen this bug.