Summary:ASTERISK-07221: [patch] [post 1.4] Voicemail sound filename customization
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Date Opened:2006-06-22 10:39:57Date Closed:2006-10-27 11:50:34
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) app_voicemail_1.patch
Description:Patch enables customization of palyed sounds related to password/pin.
Why patching this?
Well, peoples  in my company  are notice that costumers often complains because they think that when dey dial voicemai should be asked for pin and not password.
You can only enter digit numbers so it is the pin, not a password.
This is not life-critical bug, but it is bug.
On the other hand , there are many peoples who would say that I'm insane :-). And that there is no difference if it is password or pin in sound.
So I tried to compromise  both sides with this patch. It's a trivial patch who adds few more lines. Default sounds stays but could be changed in voicemail.conf

After you patch, sound are customized on following way:
------------------------------ voicemail.conf ----------------------------------
------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------

Voicemail application uses many sounds.
So, this is something we should think about.
Would it be nice that all this sound are customizable using voicemail.conf or not ?
I have some ideas about this, globally for all applications using sounds.
I would made sound dictionary "class" (actually it would be string dictionary). Object of this class would initialize his self from specified conf file (section [sounds]).
For voicemail application it would be voicemail.conf.
When using sound in application, programmers would access to "sound file name" from the dictionary object accessing by key.
Sounds would be customized by user:
----------- sample.conf ---------------
; / key / = / value /
vm-password = pls_enter_pin

This request one good discussion.
This wouldn't be small change.
But it would enable customizing sounds :-) .

Faruk Kasumovic.


Comments:By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-06-22 15:13:23

faruk -- please review the coding guidelines document and fix the patch accordingly:
1. no c++ style comments.
2. use white space where necessary:
- newpassword[0] = cmd = ast_play_and_wait(chan,"vm-newpassword");
+ newpassword[0] = cmd = ast_play_and_wait(chan,vm_newpassword);
I know that the original line didn't have a space after 'chan,' but since you are changin it anyway, might as well fix the whitespace. Thanks.

By: BicomSystems Ltd. (fkasumovic) 2006-06-23 03:06:45

I read guidelines and changed the patch according to Your note (including spaces).
I don't have access to delete previos file. So I called new one app_voicemail_1.patch

Faruk Kasumovic

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2006-10-27 11:50:33

This has been added to the trunk in revision 46360.  I modified the patch slightly to resolve some conflicts as well as fix the potential for a buffer overflow when these options are used.

Also, further development work to allow customizing sound files would be very welcome.