Summary:ASTERISK-07169: [patch] External Password Notification (Instead of Replacing Default)
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Date Opened:2006-06-14 14:43:22Date Closed:2006-06-14 15:04:34
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Description:voicemail.conf contains a directive externpass which enables the calling of an external command when a user changes their password.
However when this happens this is reflected neither in the system (ie no effect) nor in the voicemail.conf

This patch adds an externpassnotify directive to voicemail.conf which like externpass calls an external command if the password is changed but only after the default behaviour (Internal Change and Change of voicemail.conf) has taken place.

This is quite useful, because it enables the use of the default behaviour and also notifying any tools used to generate the config files of the change.


I have an environment where I generate the asterisk configs from an XML-File. I don't want to use RealTime because of the overhead and the limitations. This way I just generate the standard config files.

This enables me to react to changes in the running system without sacrificing the standard behaviour.
Comments:By: Philipp Dunkel (pdunkel) 2006-06-14 14:45:20

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Same as 0007361