Summary:ASTERISK-06994: monitor_format under realtime (mysql) causes crash on bridging agent to caller
Reporter:Jonathan Towne (jontow)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-05-17 20:33:30Date Closed:2006-05-26 12:54:39
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Description:If given either a default of 'wav' (any string appears to do) or if "monitor_format" is explicitly set in the realtime database, a crash is caused, see 'additional information' for the snippet from the DEBUG log.

When switching back to flat-file config, this is not reproducable; if the field "monitor_format" is NULL in the DB, it does not exhibit this behavior.

With some assistance, further information can be provided (backtrace, 'strings' from corefile, whatever is necessary.)

At this point, I do not have enough information to generate a patch, assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Our workaround is currently to default "monitor_format" to NULL.


OS: FreeBSD 6.1-RC, asterisk running on host as well as in a jail; ztdummy from SVN.

MySQL versioned as such:
"mysql  Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.18, for portbld-freebsd6.1 (i386) using  5.0"

The following debug log is slightly annotated where it may be useful.


*** AT THIS POINT: f->subclass = 3
May 17 20:28:12 VERBOSE[58971] logger.c:     -- Agent/5000 is ringing
May 17 20:28:13 VERBOSE[58971] logger.c:     -- SIP/5000-6b24 is ringing
May 17 20:28:15 VERBOSE[58971] logger.c:     -- SIP/5000-6b24 is ringing
May 17 20:28:17 DEBUG[58971] chan_sip.c: Acked pending invite 102
May 17 20:28:17 DEBUG[58971] chan_sip.c: Oooh, we need to change our formats since our peer supports only 0x2
(gsm) and not 0x4 (ulaw)
May 17 20:28:17 DEBUG[58971] chan_sip.c: build_route: Contact hop: <sip:5000@;line=tex3psas>
May 17 20:28:17 VERBOSE[58971] logger.c:     -- SIP/5000-6b24 answered Local/5000@default-8a5a,2
*** AT THIS POINT: f->subclass = -1
May 17 20:28:17 DEBUG[58971] app_queue.c: Dunno what to do with control type -1
*** AT THIS POINT: f->subclass = 4
May 17 20:28:17 VERBOSE[58971] logger.c:     -- Agent/5000 answered IAX2/
*** Crashes here.. no more log messages, segfault and coredump on the console.

Comments:By: Jonathan Towne (jontow) 2006-05-17 21:02:55

"bt full" output for all displayed threads available at:


I'll upload it if someone deems it necessary.  I'll retrieve the correct info with some help.

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-05-25 09:31:38

jontow: does this also occur in

By: BJ Weschke (bweschke) 2006-05-26 12:54:39

fixed yesterday in /trunk.